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Recruiting – Get to Know the Process

By April 15, 2020News

Michigan Braves Recruiting – Get to Know the Process

When it comes to recruiting, players (and their parents) need to remember this: The next level is NOT about how good you are now. It is about how good you COULD be. The sooner you can accurately and honestly evaluate yourself in these terms, the better off you will be in the recruiting process. Players need to make sure you are focused on improving the skills that scale. Because that is exactly what college baseball recruiters are looking at. 


The Michigan Braves, in partnership with ProChop Training, help players develop the skills that scale. This, along with our proven recruiting process, help players get to the next level. 


Our Recruiting Formula

  1. Player Evaluation
  2. Defining Goals 
  3. College Recruiting Database
  4. Individual Player Page
  5. College Recruiting Program
    • ProChop Scout Team
    • Scout Day
    • College Coach Networking 
    • Social Network Marketing 


All these items are available to Michigan Braves members.

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