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Summer Training Program for College Baseball Players

For 2020 and beyond, the Michigan Braves (in partnership with ProChop Training) is offering a new summer experience for college players. It’s called Michigan Braves T.E.A.M. SM and it stands for:




The Michigan Braves T.E.A.M. program was created to help college players work on specific areas of need and aid in their improvement as they return to fall ball. The goal is to help players get stronger, healthier, with improved velocity and more focused on their progression.

With the T.E.A.M. program, players do not have to play a mega schedule with mindless travel, nor do they have to just focus on training without playing games. With the Michigan Braves, players can focus on weekly training with proper instruction and data measurement, and then play a reduced schedule of games with video analysis to aid in the adjustment process.


ProChop Training was created by former college baseball players and experienced coaches who have been involved with high level summer college baseball programs. The ProChop staff wanted to provide a better experience, one that would focus more on training and less on just trying to win meaningless games. The Michigan Braves T.E.A.M. collegiate program is the result of that need.


College baseball players can now train with purpose and do so in a competitive and development focused environment.

Michigan Braves T.E.A.M Details

When: May 29 – August 2
Training Tuition: $650 (per athlete)*
Game Tuition: $350 (per athlete)*
Location: ProChop Training partner facilities (Great Lakes Bay Region)

* There is an extra cost for players who will require housing.


The Michigan Braves T.E.A.M Program

  • Baseline mobility screening

  • Functional movement screen

  • Strength based training program

  • Speed based training program

Pitching Focus

  • Velocity building program

  • Long toss program

  • Command program

  • Pitch design program

  • High intent program

  • Live games

Hitting Focus

  • Overload/Underload program

  • Exit velo program

  • Attack program

  • Hip hinge program

  • Hip torso program

  • Live games

Fielding focus

  • Individualized defensive drills

  • Explosive program

  • Live games

T.E.A.M. Perks

  • Advanced technology

  • App based training

  • ProChop Training player profile

  • Promotion on social media

  • Future internship possibilities


Partnership Training Facilities