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Summer Baseball With Purpose

Michigan Area Braves – #ProChop Training

ProChop Training provides biomechanical baseball player analysis through online data and advanced technology. We help you train the right way. Improve hitting and pitching performance with “better eyes” and an enhanced review process. If you are focused on optimized mechanics, our training programs will provide you with the right insight for improvement.

  • MECHANICS: How clean is your throwing pattern? Is your swing path optimized? We use advanced video analysis to get a clear picture of what is going on.
  • STRENGTH: How well do you produce force? Our analysis process will provide better insight.
  • STABILITY: Do you have flexibility and stability in the right places?
  • PLAN: Do you know what to do to improve?

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ProChop Training


The Michigan Area Braves will host current college and soon-to-be pro athletes at our facilities in Saginaw, Michigan. Athletes will receive focused plans and competitive tournament games, or what we call #ProChop Training. Our goal is to improve on-field performance for players who want to succeed. Braves athletes will have daily access to train and will then compete in live games with meaning.  Our roster will include athletes from all levels and universities to maximize development WARNING: THIS IS NOT WHAT OTHER SUMMER PROGRAMS DO.

#ProChop Training is for all collegiate baseball players, including graduating seniors.  Both positional players and pitchers can develop offensively, defensively, on the mound, in the cage, in the pen and in the weight room.



  • $350 for Summer Baseball Games
  • $650 for Training (for those players focused on getting better)

* Housing for players who need it will be a extra cost



From first weekend in June to the first weekend in August.


Athletes will all receive constant assessment and individualized plans to improve their strength, speed, mobility, and baseball specific tools.  Strength and power numbers will be assessed throughout training. The Braves staff will provide detailed analysis and programming for all baseball players. Those with previous injuries or looking to improve overall health will have the ability to get on a structured plan by an experienced staff.


Hitters will face live college pitchers three to four times a week in highly competitive games  Each hitter will have access to our facility partners with cages and weight room. Braves staff will be on hand to facilitate workouts and be there for advice with mechanics, approach, mental aspect of hitting. Hitters will have access to advanced hitting technology, allowing hitters to see their metrics in game and training.


Pitchers have the opportunity to compete versus live hitting, will have weekly assessments and reviews with Braves staff, training in both the weight room and throwing protocols, and mental game development. Pitchers have access to our facility partners for advanced training. Pitchers will be on supervised specific pitching performance programs. Our focused training will be geared towards maximizing development for on-mound performance.


Positional players will focus on developing their defensive skills with ability to take live reps while being able to train both indoors and outdoors throughout the week.  Braves staff will be available for specific defensive drill work. Our weight training programming will be focused on skill and position-specific training.