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WeChop is the backend structure for the Michigan Braves organization. WeChop  is about the total development of the player. Our most important goal is to help our players reach their fullest potential, both on and off the field.


On the field, our Michigan Braves teams compete at the highest level. Our coaches teach our players to have confidence, a winning attitude, move forward with process, managing failure, carry themselves with professionalism, strategy, preparation, energy, and be a great teammate.


Off the field, our leaders emphasize academics, team leadership, communication skills, accountability, character, honestly, community service, entrepreneurship and work ethic.


As an organization, we accomplish all of this with outstanding behind-the-scenes leadership from the WeChop Advisory board. Our Advisory Board mentors, instructs and advises our coaches and our vast network of volunteers. The Advisory Board sets the standard highs and keep it high for the entire Michigan Braves organization. When you watch a Michigan Braves baseball team play, there is no mistaking it. When you meet a Michigan Braves baseball player, you know it.


WeChop Nation is focused on preparing, developing, and mentoring athletes to achieve their goals in sport and ultimately reach their full potential. And our players are all about commitment to the process, being a great teammate, helping the community and always assisting those in need. We call it #WeChop

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