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Michigan Braves Social Media Tips

As you are a family member of the Michigan Braves, be it a player or coach, you are a representative of the organization and your team. We expect that our members conduct themselves in a manner that will not discredit themselves, their team or the Michigan Braves organization. These expectations extend to all public functions, including social media activities.


We recognize the majority of our members have a social media presence and expect the following guidelines to be met:

  • Members will not post sexist, racist, obscene or profane material of any kind.
  • Cyber-bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Members will not use social media to degrade, demean, attack or threaten any person, organization, etc.
  • Members will not post photos, videos, comments or posters showing the personal use of alcohol or tobacco (no holding cups, cans, shot glasses, etc.).
  • Members will not post material of acts that are in violation of State or Federal laws, policies or rules.
  • Members will not post materials that reflect negatively on themselves, teams, schools or other organizations.
  • Members are to, without exception, be kind and courteous.


Note: When referring to posts, this includes all retweets, shares and comments on other’s posts.


When online, we ask our players and coaches to:

  • Remember the internet is permanent. Even if you delete something, it still exists somewhere.
  • Be honest, respectful, professional and polite.
  • Think about how you are choosing to represent yourself. Your social media accounts are your brand. Be humble and kind.
  • Players will understand that coaches and recruiters monitor social media sites. Your path can be directly impacted by your social media actions.


When signing to a college/university or pro team:

  • Please give the Michigan Braves notice so we can send out our own media alerts, share on the website and post an announcement on our social media platforms.
  • When sharing your exciting news on social media, please be sure to tag the Braves social media accounts when possible. We will share your post on all platforms to amplify the announcement. We are proud and want to share with the world!
  • Remember our guidelines above. You are representing yourself, your family, your Braves teammates, your Braves coaches and now your school/professional organization.


If you would not want your parents, family and coaches to see it, don’t post it!

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Social Media Tips