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One Family

Working together on a common goal.

The Braves


In 2010, the Michigan Area Braves baseball club set out to become one of the top summer programs in the Great Lakes Region, providing top-quality competition, coaching and facilities — all in the backdrop of a world-class community. In a short period of time, we’ve made tremendous strides toward our goals and are counting on another spectacular season this year.
On the field, our team has been ranked nationally in the summer collegiate league rankings. Each summer, the Braves recruit a group of talented and dedicated athletes from local, regional and national universities.
Our alumni have enthusiastically endorsed their Braves experience, including the high quality of competition and coaching, ample playing time, friendly host families, state-of-the-art facilities, accommodating work/school balance, proximity to the beaches, outstanding recreational life and all else that a summer out in the Great Lakes Bay Region has to offer.
In 2018, we added our youth program and changed our organizational name to what we are known today as, the Michigan Braves.
Outside the lines, we have been successful in renovating our facilities in conjunction with our facility partners. Upgrades include new batting cages, improved bullpens and training upgrades.
Our Great Lakes Bay residents and local businesses have passionately embraced their Braves team, and we’ve also gained great support and credibility from those in the professional and collegiate baseball circles.
Michigan Braves Mission Statement
The Michigan Braves baseball club aims to recruit the best college baseball players and provide a venue that will showcase skills and provide the Great Lakes Bay Region with free family entertainment during the summer. The Braves will develop alliances with businesses, civic leaders and community members that will enable us to more effectively and efficiently accomplish our mission of providing such entertainment, improving area ballfields, hosting baseball clinics and facilitating lasting relationships between the players and the community.