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Youth Development


“We will establish a structured environment, where we are able to add these younger kids to the program and we will teach them what it means to be a Michigan Braves player; the pride that comes with being a member of the WeChop Nation, and the tradition THEY will help carry forward,” said Michigan Braves General Jim Kosmerick.

Our vision is to do the same type of training and develop that there were doing at the underclass and upperclass showcase level, with our youth teams. And to do it without DAD BALL.

Our foundation starts with directing effort and energy into the person that makes up the player, and showing them a clear path to where they can be with the proper assistance. We want to know who our Braves kids are, who their parents are, and then we want to help both parent and player develop, so then you are engrained into our Braves family and you all live what it means to be a member of the Michigan Braves.

When it comes to developing the player, the importance of doing things the Michigan Braves way is instilled early.

As an organization, we help develop players and our coaches have a hands-on approach; playing with the Braves is far beyond the cool uniforms we get to wear (they are pretty sweet!), parents and players know they are getting coached the right way, the Braves way.

We have a strong background of winning baseball at all levels that provides our coaches the necessary credibility to be able to set the course in developing the Braves’ youth, understanding what is exactly needed to excel entering the high school ages, for players with aspirations of playing collegiality or even professionally.

This approach makes it much easier transition for players to reach and play in our underclass and upperclass showcase programs because they know the expectations, they know what the Michigan Braves are all about, because they live it at the youth program level. This makes the transition to the next level a lot smoother.

With the combination of development, hard work and competitive play, this yields production along a chartered course with a clear path to a final position. The future of the Michigan Braves remains as bright as ever; and our youth program is an instrumental part of that future.

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