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Coaches Wanted

Are you looking to coach baseball the right way, with a focus on long term skill development and less about having to win now? The Michigan Braves might be the right fit for you then. We are currently expanding our baseball and softball programs and are looking for coaches who share our #1 goal – transforming kids development athletically, mentally and personally. Developing today’s players into tomorrow’s leaders.

We are looking for coaches who want to dedicate their time to helping build progressional growth, at any age group. We are looking to continue to expand our commitment to family, community and players, we call it #WeChop Nation. What we want are coaches who showcase great leadership skills and have a positive mind set. 

If you are coaching with a different program and want to move the entire team, or if your player is not happy in their current situation along with a few of their friends and would like to join the Braves – we want you as well. 

What we want are coaches who showcase great leadership skills and have a positive mind set. We want people who want to make a difference and who are willing to try new philosophies to reach the end goal — continued growth for each and every player. And we realize coaching is a big commitment for those involved, and this is why coaches with the Braves are compensated for their time. 

As a member of the #WeChop Nation, we provide coaches with many resources for new techniques, strategies, drills that aid in team and player improvement, for all age skill sets. For over 10 years now we have built an organization that has strong relationships with college coaches & even a few scouts. These relationships have been a direct result in why we have helped our family, those players within our program whom have advance on to the next level. 

Our footprint is expanding and we currently in multiple locations, use multiple facilities and employ the best equipment available for maximum player development. This continued path of expansion is a direct result of our commitment to family, community and player development. 

Come join our tribe and coach for one of the best development programs in the Great Lakes region.