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The Braves

Building Champions since 2010

Braves Pro Players

Jacob Crum


Mason Schwellenbach


Who is next?

Braves Accomplishments

  • 2021 Braves Fall Invite Champion
  • 2021 Terry Smith Rubber Arm Classic Runner-Up
  • 2021 Goons vs Goblins Runner-Up
  • 2021 Sugar Beets Invite Champion
  • 2021 Father’s Day Classic Champion
  • 2021 Legacy May Day Classic Runner-Up
  • 2021 Clarkston Classic Runner-Up
  • 2020 Owosso Endless Summer Champion
  • 2020 Sugar Beets Division Champions
  • 2020 O-Town Brawl Runner-up
  • 2020 Destination Michigan Runner-up
  • 2019 Great Lakes Bay Baseball Association Champions
  • 2019 FAAST End of Summer Championships (Oakland U) Champions
  • 2019 Saginaw Sugar Beets Tournament Champion
  • 2018 Great Lakes Bay Baseball Association Champions
  • 2017 NABF World Series Semi-Finalist (3rd Place)
  • 2016 London Lakeside Tournament Runner-Up
  • 2015 Great Lakes UBL Champion
  • 2015 London Lakeside Tournament Runner-Up
  • 2015 WBC Tournament Runner-Up
  • 2014 NABF World Series Quarter-Finalist
  • 2014 NABF Regional Champion
  • 2013 Great Lakes UBL Champion
  • 2013 NABF Regional Runner-Up
  • 2012 Great Lakes UBL Champion
  • 2012 NABF Regional Runner-Up
  • 2011 Great Lakes UBL Champion
  • 2011 Saginaw Mens League Champion
  • 2011 NABF Regional Semi-Finalist
  • 2011 MABA State Champion
  • 2010 Great Lakes UBL Champion
  • 2010 MABA State Champion

Building Champions – The Braves Alumni

Brett Lechner
Casey Ingle
Jordan Turner
Andy Bouchard
Cory Colucci
Adam Rider
Matt Hoffman
Andrew Thompson
Micheal Allen
Tyler Higgins

Drew Woock
Kyle O’Boyle
Dino Hinds
Matt Cresswell
Donnie Lee
Andrew Seer
Eric Kinley

Jordan Herman
Randon Henika
Dakota Pinney
Mitch Holgate
Casey Pashak
Tim Ryan
Tommy Kramer
Jimmy Rousse
Blake Higgins
Andrew Geese

Justin Drzewicki
Mike Schaaf
Blake Hibbits
Cody Fenskie
Kevin Thompson
Jordan Schumann
Trevor Karbowski
Jason Hockemeyer
Alex Kravat
David Laskowski
Eric Cummings
Cam Wiechmann
Ryan Henris
Eric Hummel
Kyler Krause
Hank VanOoyen
Blake Botti
Kyle Flattery
Jeff Kinley

Kyle Kaufmann
Larry Herron
Cody Rogers
Joe Galanty
Zach Seder
AJ Action
Cole Martin
Rob Cooper
Austin Fenskie
Joe Buchalski
Joel Pierce
Marc Jaksa
Drew King
DJ Reetz
Scott Badour
Alex Goodwin

Adam Fitzgibbon
Sam Brooks
Craig Wilson
Grant Bridgewater
Kyle Henris
Zach Olszewski
Scott Sency
Mike Saunders
Bobby St. Pierre
Chad Carson
Brian Feinauer
Luke Scharich
Shawn Larner

Seth Freed
Watson Moore
Carson Eby
Jerome Reeves
Tyler Kirkwood
Tone Jacobs
Jacob Crum
Jake Ellis
Carter Kovalcik
Alex Sova

Parker Murdie
Mason Schwellenbach
Jordan Swiss
Travis Perkola
DeVario Allen
Jake Gross
Brian Feinauer

As a team, we teach players to follow this simple rule:
Be aggressive at the plate, on the base paths, in the field, on the mound and in life.

Our Motto

Building Tradition & Community

Established in the fall of 2009, the Michigan Area Braves bring quality collegiate summer baseball to the Great Lakes Bay region. Owned and operated by local citizens, the Braves are an applied 501 c3, non-profit who is dedicated to combining leadership, service and integrity and high level athletics with a sense of community and family. Not only do we seek to provide great sports entertainment for the Great Lakes Bay Region, but we truly seek to provide an environment that entices local players to come home (from college) to play. We also seek out players from all over the country who want to play great baseball and who want to come and see the beauty of this area. Bringing the community together around baseball is at the root of our regional history and we are thrilled with the opportunity to continue this tradition.

Building Champions

The Michigan Area Braves give college players who have not yet signed professional contracts the opportunity to develop their skills at a higher level of play, gain experience with wood bats, and be evaluated by professional scouts. The Braves are dedicated to helping develop those who aspire to do better.

Braves players themselves showcase attitude, work ethic, skill level, and knowledge and love for the game. Braves players look to be challenged on and off the field and strive to be ambassadors of the game as well as model citizens