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Braves Baby Blue
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In 2014, to help further distinguish the Michigan Braves organization, the team implemented the Baby Blue jersey into the brand. It has become a symbol of the Michigan Braves brand ever since.


“I think every team is passionate about their colors, but I don’t think there’s a team that has as easily a recognizable color as our Braves Baby Blue,” General Manger Jim Kosmerick said. “When you see our baby blue out in public, even people who don’t attend our games take notice. Those in the know instantly think of the Michigan Braves. They think of competitive battles. They think of the #WeChop nation. And they think of Michigan Braves baseball.” 


“It’s kind of cool that former players, current players and fans alike all want to wear the Braves baby blue,” Kosmerick said. “The Baby Blue jersey has become an icon, a status symbol, a must have.”

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