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Play Against the Best

We test our skill against top competition.

Avoid the Mundane Summer Schedule

There’s this belief that all collegiate summer leagues are associated with a higher level of competitive play and will propel a college player to a higher place. That belief is misguided. Not all competition is the same and most collegiate leagues are set up to continually play against the same competition over-and-over-and-over, all summer long.

These types of leagues are breeding a more selfish mind-set, with some players far more concerned about their individual statistics than team performance. Because the teams they play on, after all, are ever changing year after year. There is a lack of team unity.

This mundane type of schedule will not make players better. While there is something to be said for high-quality instruction that some leagues offer, at the end of the day it’s the player, his personal desire, his athletic ability and sound instruction that will determine how far he goes in baseball.

That’s why the Braves offer a different type of schedule and a different approach.

Don’t follow the “just play against the same teams over and over again” approach. Play against the best — play against top national and international talent.

Develop your baseball skills by combining international competition with regional and national teams. Be a goodwill ambassador by playing baseball against some of the best teams from Canada. Play summer ball in a league focused on fostering completive play and camaraderie within a family environment.

Play with the Braves and find out how our team family environment can help Build Champions.  If you are a player looking to play at the top-of-your-game, the Michigan Area Braves are the team you want to continue your development with.