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Advanced Data Run Organization

The Michigan Braves help players develop their skills and abilities with data based programming. In conjunction with ProChop Training, our teams use advanced technology and certified expertise to get a 360° comprehensive review of their progress. We use in-game data, training data and bio-mechanical formulas to build better ball players.


Our Tech

Building Champions

The Michigan Braves were built on an ideal — that persistence,  dedication, aggressiveness and unilateral teamwork can spark a sea of change and transform young men into champions.


Our Teams

Progress with a Purpose

Relentlessness is at the heart of progress, at the heart of success, and at the heart of our team. We focus more on programmed practices, individualized training and in-game data based analytics to help players improve.



Preparing for the Future

The Braves help players discover, learn and do amazing things. Things like how to work as one unit; how to deal with adversity, together; and how to set and reach goals. By setting our sights on the future and investing in the development, we’re helping players succeed in baseball and in life. And that makes all of our futures bright.


Our Values


Many things define summertime, but few are as great as baseball. There’s nothing like the sound of the crack of a wood bat hitting a ball, the roar of the crowd on a great defensive play or watching a crafty pitcher baffle hitters over and over.

When the summer breeze is at its warmest, you’ll find Braves players at the ball park working on becoming better. Find out what #WeChop is all about.


Our Mantra