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Michigan Braves Coaches Info

Coaches Code of Conduct

The Michigan Braves exist because of the many volunteer coaches throughout the program. The success of the organization and the positive experience gained by the players is directly related to the quality of our coaches. We appreciate the contribution that each coach can provide and we also expect our coaches to provide an example for the players. The safety and well-being of the players is paramount. To this end, the Michigan Braves have put in place Bylaws to which we expect each coach to adhere. Please review the Bylaws here:


Coaches Background Check Process

It may be required that coaches must have a current background check clearance completion in order to volunteer as a Michigan Braves coach. If deemed necessary, the coach will be required to go through a background process done by a third party. The prospective coach will be responsible for any fees associated with the background check. 


Coaches Volunteer Contract

Please view and sign the coaches contract here:


Quick Reference Tips for New Coaches (“I have a team….)

1) Communicate frequently with your parents and players. Communication is paramount in all aspects — most of the issues we see with coaches are due to lack of effective communication with players, parents, other coaches, and with the Board.  

2) Familiarize yourself with the Michigan Braves website, particularly with the team pages and schedule. Download the GameChanger Team Manager app to your phone. The Team Manager app works with most mobile phones and allows easy review of the schedule as well as simple communication with your team via chat and email. 

3) Make sure you have a roster for your records, for distribution to the team and for attending tournaments (for scouts). Your roster should include grad year, birth date (coaches copy only), player and parent contact information, player positions, player’ current school and more. 

4) Maintain your schedule including important dates such as winter training, opening day, playing dates, practice dates, pictures, and team meetings. 

5) Have regular team meetings with players and parents: 

  1. Review team guidelines
  2. Review equipment requirements
  3. Review team communication process (email blast, social media)
  4. Travel expenses
  5. Recruiting status (high school players) 

6) Take time to review practices ahead of time and communicate practice plans with your team. 

7) Plan continuous fundraisers. Team costs continue to rise, plan ahead and maintain a healthy budget with fundraisers. 


Additional Coaches Resources:

  • USA Baseball Coaching Resources
  • USA Baseball Mobile Coach — The USA Baseball Mobile Coach is a revolutionary tool that aims to simplify practice planning for baseball
  • coaches at all levels. The app, which is free to all users, features the ability for baseball coaches at all levels to plan practices using drills supplied in the application through the practice planning function.
  • Additional Online Baseball Coaching Resources (click here)

Questions can be directed to the General Manager or the Volunteer Board of Directors via our online form.