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ProChop Braves Scout Team

ProChop Braves Scout Team

Fall Baseball

Congratulations! You’re making the right decision looking to play at a higher level for the ProChop Braves Scout team. 

The ProChop Braves Scout Team (Michigan) is a great opportunity for athletes aspiring to play college baseball and beyond. Ballplayers will be playing with and against some of the top players in the Great Lakes Region and will be recruited by college coaches and scouted by professional baseball scouts. Players will compete in 5 weekends of baseball, mostly tournaments, playing against other scout teams. Our 18u team will have the opportunity to play against college completion. We will have limited team practices. Players are expected to be prepared for each game by conditioning, working out, and practicing using the ProChop Training remote program. This allows our team to add players to the fall roster from diverse geographic locations. ProChop Braves players will be coached by professionals and will be scouted by numerous scouts from various college and pro organizations.


  •  Players will play against older and more experienced players
  •  Players will play with top talented players that are focused and driven
  •  Players will be coached by professional coaches
  •  Players will be scouted
  •  Players will learn and prepare to become impact players
  •  Players will learn and prepare 
  •  Players will get better, will gain experience and players will take their confidence to an advanced level


If think you are ready to play at a higher level, signup below to start the onboarding process. Fall teams are forming for ages 12u and up. 



Each player will be provided with  two team jerseys, a team hat, team undershirt and team sweatshirt. Player’s to provide their own red belt, red socks and grey pants. 


We use a branded app for our team communication. Once signed up, you will be invited to join via the app. 


Expect to pitch around 2 to 4 innings per outing (following their outing each pitcher will have the opportunity to go to the pen with their catcher to work on things). Pitcher’s when not pitching will working with our pitching coaches and also will be charting other pitchers to help them work on approach and overall mental game. The pitching rotation will be provided the Wednesday night before the weekend. If you can’t attend a particular weekend, contact your designated ProChop coach immediately (no later then Wednesday afternoon). Please don’t delay. If you delay, it will have a negative effect on the weekend’s rotation causing difficulties for everyone.


Like all scout teams, we will have a complete roster of quality players. Each player should expect to start their normal position and at times may be asked to be versatile with positioning and may also be asked to .


Catchers bring your gear weekly and an extra glove in case you are asked to play a secondary position. Catchers are required to attend all games and will start at least one game.


Players are to provide their own helmets.


Players are to provide their own bats. 


If missing a tournament, late notice cancellations are not taken lightly. It is important to make each game, nevertheless, if there’s a game you need to miss, give the designated ProChop Braves coach as much advance

notice as possible (preferably a 1 to 2 weeks).


ProChop Braves teams will play in regional ball tournaments and on Saturdays and Sundays starting the Fall Season. We will be playing against other scout teams and our 18u team will have the opportunity to play up against college competition. There will be limited team practices. Players are expected to be prepared for each game by conditioning, working out, and practicing using the ProChop Training remote program. If you want to be a pro then you have to train like one. 



To secure your ProChop Braves roster spot, get registered today!


$500 Player fee (Fall Baseball Only) 

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